Top 5 Citizenships which Guarantee Zero-Taxation on Gambling Winnings

The constant growth of the land-based and online gambling industry is a good source of income for state budgets. But, the law on gambling taxation is not black and white in countries which support the industry.So, if you’re a professional gambler and want to make the best of your winnings without risking high taxes, you should determine what citizenships can help you. We’ve put together the top countries where gambling is allowed, and the taxation is zero.


If you want to enjoy zero taxation on your gambling winnings, you should aim for Malta citizenship. And, GTG Advocates will offer you guidance on selecting the right program or individual investor scheme to guarantee you that you receive citizenship in record time.


The Austrian government doesn’t tax online winnings. However, casinos pay taxes between 35-80% whether they’re land-based or online. You can become an Austrian citizen through the naturalization process after 10 years of uninterrupted residence. But, you could also apply for citizenship through the investment program which requires a €10 million investment.


Gambling in Australia goes back to 1810 with the first event taking place in Hyde Park, Sydney. While casinos pay license fees, gamblers don’t incur any tax on winnings, whether they’re made from land-based or online gambling. You can become an Australian citizen by naturalization or through investment schemes, providing proof of investment of at least €9.5 million.


Belgians have been gambling since the early 1300s. And, Belgium legalized online gambling in 2002. The country uses restrictive criteria for issuing gambling licenses and casino operators pay a yearly contribution to the state budget. However, gamblers don’t lose any of their land-based or online winnings to taxation. You can become a Belgian citizen through naturalization, or by marriage.


Although Canada banned all types of gambling in 1892, it became legal again in 1969 when lotteries were allowed in the country. And online gambling became legal in the early 2000s. Today, if you’re gambling at one of the land-based or online casinos in Canada, your winnings won’t be taxed. You can apply for Canadian citizenship through investment. You’ll need to invest a minimum of around €850,000.

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