Smart and strategic games

The Internet has caused a revolution in the world of entertainment. With nothing more than a smartphone people can nowadays play a plethora of games, either against the computer or against other players from around the world.Games of course come in different categories. For some people card games are too sedate. They prefer war games where they have to make split-second decisions, with lots of blood and gore. Others prefer games where they have to make smart and strategic decisions to win.Some of our favorite strategy games include Civilization VI, Offworld Trading Company, XCOM 2, Stellaris, Endless Legend, chess, and last but certainly not least, Managerzone.What sets these games apart is that the player has to make decisions that will seriously affect the outcome of the game. In other words pure luck plays less of a role: you have to use your brain. Chess is a good example where luck plays virtually no role, and where everything, from your first move on, can and will affect the eventual outcome.In a strategy-based game the player also often has to choose between different courses of action, each with its own pros and cons. Some decisions will bring in short-term gains, while others will require an investment now, but could bring huge long-term rewards.In Managerzone for example you adopt the role of team manager. You must have a clear long-term plan for your hockey club, and you have to make sure money is spent wisely. If you spend a lot of money on older players, there might not be enough left for developing the younger ones. And if don’t invest in that expensive new stadium, spectators might eventually stop coming.In any game there must be some or other reward for playing it well, and games such as chess and managerzone are no exceptions. With chess the ultimate reward is capturing your opponent’s king, but with Managerzone there are different levels of rewards, such as Team Money, Prizes and trophies.

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