The Development of Slot Machines

Slot machines are popular and exist in most land-based and online casinos. Land-based casinos have tangible slots while online casinos have virtual slot games. All these slots function the same way, but modern casino slots have a different style, look, and feel. Slot machines have a long history, from the year 1891. Up to this moment, a discourse is ongoing concerning the initial inventor of slots machines and the date of the invention. However, we can rely on two widely accepted accounts on how the first slot came. The first version of the story shows that the original device was the Liberty Bell. Charles Fey invented this machine in 1887. The device featured three reels and five symbols and a spade, diamond, horseshoe, heart, and the liberty bell. The second account shows that Fey built his machine later in the year 1895. According to this record, Pitt and Sittman unleashed the first device in 1891. This device was not firmly based on poker and had 50 cards. The cards appeared on the five spinning drums, which showed five-card poker hands in every spin – every drum held ten cards.

The Rise of Modern Online Slots

With the rise and boom of the internet during the mid 90’s saw the development of the first online casino. During the initial stages, classic games such as blackjack and roulette ruled the internet casinos. Later, slots joined the movement. At first, the technique used in online casinos were similar to those used in land-based slots. The symbols and number of reels were the same, but computer programming changed everything. New types of slot games surfaced, with more appealing themes and sophisticated layouts and game structures. Today, you can find thousands of slots in online casinos. All the slots have unique characteristics and unconventional layouts, with most of them containing more than five reels. The modern slots also consist of many symbols, unique game features, and inventive bonus rounds.

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